WATDA offers reasonably priced bonds to those qualified dealers obtaining or renewing their dealer license.  Our surety bonds are competitively priced and we provide prompt processing service. WATDA also offers many other commonly required bonds including Wisconsin Notary Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, Miscellaneous Bonds, Court Bonds, and Probate Bonds. As well as ERISA Bonds, Business Service Bonds, Employee Dishonestly/Fidelity, Commercial Contract and others.

We can handle your non-standard Commercial business too! Our program is administered by NFP provides bonding options for cancelable bonds up to $100,000 when Principal's credit scores do not qualify in standard markets.

To learn more about WATDA dealership bonds and to obtain a copy of the application contact Meghan Hruska by phone at (608) 251-5577, or email at mhruska@watda.org. If there are any other types of bonds you are interested in, please contact us and we will get the necessary information and application to you. 


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